K8 Gives

K8 Collection is committed to spreading love, peace, and equality to all! This message is one of the principles our brand is founded on. That's why we will always give a portion of our proceeds to charities that align with this purpose. 

Each month we'll pick a new non profit to donate to so we spread the love to many different parts of the community! 



August's Give Back





It's back to school time, and as kids head back to school we want to help make sure they have a safe world to live in. K8 Collection stands firmly against bullying and cyberbulling. That's why we're donating a portion of our proceeds to Cybersmile during the month of August! 



In addition to giving monthly to different non profits, we'll have special products that donate even more to specific charities. These products are our K8 Gives Star Products!

Look for the K8 Gives star symbol to find these awesome products!